How to Resolve The McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning Issue?

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How to Resolve The McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning Issue?

McAfee Won’t Open | What To Do?

McAfee is a popular antivirus and one of the best security software program. It gives the protection to the users also from the potentially dangerous email attachments. It protects individual devices so that they cannot spread viruses and malware to other files of your computers or devices.

You can use it on your PC, laptops, and even on your mobile devices. Owing to its many features, sometimes you see McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning to open the McAfee software. Also, it is noted occasionally that McAfee fails to scan your device. But, no need to worry, there are some easy steps to fix McAfee won’t open issue.

Still, if you are facing problems with it, feel free to call us at any time on our McAfee Technical Support.

Resolve The McAfee Antivirus Not Scanning Issue | McAfee won’t open


The issue may happen for many reasons like McAfee security not working, or it is out of date, or simply, it is not working properly. McAfee update issues, clashes with other antiviruses or firewall present on your system can also trigger the issue. The steps to fix McAfee antivirus not scanning issue are as follows:

Reboot System: Sometimes rebooting the system solves your all problems of the device, so reboot your device at first.

Enable Access Protection: Check once that the Access Protection option is enabled or not. To allow it, the procedure is –

  • At first, click on McAfee software to open it.
  • Then, you can see the Navigation button at the top right, click on it.
  • After that, press the General settings and Alerts option.
  • After opening the Access Protection drawer, select the Use Access Protection checkbox.
  • At last, restart the PC after clicking on Apply button.

More Solutions to solve the McAfee won’t open issue:

  • Download and Run ModifyCntxtld.exe file: The steps are –
  • At first, download the ModifyCntxtld.exe tool.
  • Save the file to PC desktop after downloading. Then right-click on the saved file and press the Run as Administrator option.
  • Then, the User Access Control prompt box will appear, click on the Yes button on this box.
  • Remove and Reinstall McAfee Antivirus: This is another easy way to solve the problem.
  • Remove the antivirus at first, then reinstall it.

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To do this, the procedure is:

  • To start the installation process, click on the Install button at first.
  • You can get the instruction for the deletion of the existing McAfee version, during the installation process.
  • Then the page of terms and conditions will appear, click on the accept button.
  • After installing the McAfee, it will ensure that whether the system is clean or not, by scanning your device in the midway.
  • After that, you can scan the device again in the same process.

Check third-party security software: If still, your problem remains the same after applying all the above-mentioned steps, then, check the other security software once. This third-party security software can cause a conflict with the McAfee antivirus software. So, you should remove that application. Then, restart your device and check.

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Now, your problem is solved. But in case, if you have any queries or issues regarding the McAfee won’t open issue, then connect with us. Contact with us via:

Call us at our McAfee Antivirus Support Number. If you think that calling is not feasible or you get us busy on calls. We don’t want to keep you waiting, hence, you can also reach us through emails putting down your queries or issues and you can expect them to be resolved the soonest you reach us. Now, you can also opt for our live chat option through the live chat portals of our website.


We aim to resolve your issues efficiently and get you back to working as it was previously. We won’t be disappointing you. So approach us as soon as you can.

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